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This game, designed by Enrico Acerbi, covers the masterpiece battle fought and won by Napoleon against the hopes of the III Coalition. At the sunset of December 2nd, 1805, the map of Europe was redrawn for many years to come, and the art of war had a new Master. The game system "Vive la France - Empire rules" is the ideal progression of two already published games, Massena at Loano and Wise Bayonets.


October 7th, 1571

The fleets of the Ottoman Empire and the Holy League, created by Pope Pius V, are ready to clash in the waters in front of the little town of Lepanto. At the end of the day, after one of the fiercest battles in the long history of naval combat, the Ottoman fleet breaks away following the loss of more than 150 ships and 30.000 men.